Are You Overpaying Your Taxes?

If you can't answer these common tax questions, it's quite possible you are.

  • How much of your closing costs are deductible when you purchase or sell a home?
  • How do you offset self-employment income with expenses?

  • Would your dependent benefit from filing a tax return even if they don't have to?

  • How much can you claim in charitable contributions?

  • What are your options for deducting Education Expenses?

  • Should I still track itemized deductions?

How has the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" Impacted your Taxes?

Every year adjustments, credits, and deductions change while tax laws become more complex. With the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2018 this has never been more true. Now more than ever it is crucial to work with a Tax Professional that understands the tax law. I've studied the new tax law, attended seminars and read countless publications. I'm prepared to maximize your deductions, minimize your tax liability and get you back every penny you deserve. Remember, tax evasion is illegal but tax avoidance is your right!

The sale or purchase of a home, divorce, marriage, or the birth of a child can have a significant impact on your taxes. With so many questions about how life's changes along with self-employment or rental income can impact your tax liability, preparing your own tax returns can result in frustration, confusion, and costly oversights.

Accepting New Clients

Remote Tax Preparation

Why Should You File a Tax Return?

Filing your tax return is important not only because of the legal requirement, but in most cases copies of prior year tax returns are required when applying for home or business loans as well as financial assistance for higher education. When you contact me to discuss preparing your tax returns you won't be asked to take a number or take a seat in a waiting room full of people. Instead, we will schedule an appointment at your convenience so you can come in, sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and confidentially discuss in detail your specific circumstances and filing options. It is never too late to file a prior year return and get back on track.

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