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Remote Tax Preparation

Amended Returns

If I prepare your current year return I'll review your prior year tax return at no charge. If you just want me to review a prior year return prepared by another tax preparer my fee is $25 - $75 depending on the type of return. If I find needed corrections I'll go over these with you in detail so you can return to your previous tax preparer to have an amended return generated. A reputable tax preparer should amend your return at no cost if it was their error.

If you would like me to amend a return prepared by another tax preparer the fee is the same as preparing a new return. This is because I have to generate the return to match the original and then amend the return with the correct information to show the differences with the initial return. I will apply any fee previously paid for me to review the return as a credit on your final bill.

If I prepare your return I never charge to amend the return if it was an oversight on my part and normally don't charge if only minor changes are required due to an oversight on your part.

Tax Preparation Pricing

My fee for preparing your returns will vary based on a number of factors including time, complexity, and the number and types of Schedules and Forms that are required. I will never charge you for a Schedule or Form that isn't required nor do I charge for worksheets.

All prices include initial consultation, preparation, detailed review of your final returns, and electronic filing (if allowed) of your Federal return and one state return. Additional state returns are $35.00 each. Pricing is discussed prior to beginning your return. No hidden costs or surprises.

Bring in your invoice from another preparer for your 2018 returns and I'll beat that price by at least 15%. Higher quality service at better prices guaranteed.