Welcome to AccuTax of Iowa providing Tax Return Preparation and Consulting Services for individuals and

small businesses in Johnston, Ankeny, Saylorville, and the Greater Des Moines area.  If you don't necessarily

love doing your taxes you've come to the right place because I do!  I've been happily preparing Federal 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 as well as Iowa and other state tax returns for over eight years.  At AccuTax of Iowa I am truly committed to preparing accurate, timely returns and guaranteeing you do not overpay your taxes.  


Why Select Me to Prepare Your Taxes?

  • Registered Tax Return PreparerThe Federal government does not currently require an individual to have any specialized education or experience to prepare your taxes.  Yes, this is a very scary but true fact.  I felt it was important to pass the IRS Competency Exam so my clients knew I had the knowledge necessary to accurately prepare their tax returns.

  • Personal Service and ConfidentialityYou work directly with me for scheduling, consultation, preparation and filing.  There are no hand-offs so your information is only viewed by me.

  • Knowledge and ComplianceI attend yearly seminars, webinars and conferences to stay informed of current tax law changes, regulations and requirements.  I'm currently working towards my Enrolled Agent certification to further deepen my tax law knowledge.

  • Timely Returns.  The IRS has enjoyed your interest free loan long enough.  Basic returns with all required documentation will be completed the same day.  More complicated returns or returns with missing information may take longer.  Timing for completion of your return will be discussed during the initial consultation.

  • Convenience.  After our initial meeting any missing documentation can be scanned and exchanged through a secured website.  The next time we meet in person you'll be signing your return.


Taking the time to listen and exchange information is essential to providing great service.  Unfortunately this is often overlooked when you work with tax preparation businesses that focus more on the quantity of tax returns they prepare rather than the quality. Do you really want to take the chance that someone with none or even eight weeks of tax preparation training is preparing your returns? If not, contact me. I have the knowledge, training and large network of professional CPAs and Tax Return Preparers necessary to accurately prepare your individual and small business returns.

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Mikki Bown, RTRP

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